The Hang-Mate™ Display System allows you to hang...anything...from ceilings and walls quickly, easily, and most importantly, safely.


Eliminate Falls

Hang items while standing firmly on the floor. No worker’s comp claims.  No serious injury. Hang-Mates™ are an insurance addendum.

Increase your Sales

It’s an uncontested axiom: advertising pays. Showcase new products or special sales items



Saving Time = Saving Money

Because it only takes seconds to hang, change out, or reposition P.O.P. signage, labor time is drastically cut!

Enliven your spaces

Studies show that a stimulating environment increases creativity and productivity.



Remember the environment: Sustainability

You buy it once, and it lasts a lifetime. Our American-Made products stand the test of time. Durable, sustainable, built to last.

Un-Clutter your ceiling and walls

Our state-of-the-art ceiling and wall display system eliminates unsightly tape, pins, paperclips, and string.



Make life easier

Eliminate the hassles of displays! No need to drag out heavy ladders or reposition furniture to access valuable ceiling spaces.