Seriously? A lifetime warranty?
If any of our Hang-Mates™ should fail during the course of regular use, simply contact us for a replacement. This system is designed to last… a one-time investment in safety.

Sustainability matters to me. What assurance can you give us that your products  pass the test of time?
Our Hang-Mates™ are durable goods. The mechanism within them has been tested to withstand over 100,000 pulls.

Each Hang-Mate™ has an interior core of 5 feet of American-made constant-spring stainless steel. The exterior polycarbonate case has been tooled by American craftsmen, and the entire unit is manufactured here in America. We believe in the quality of American-made products and are committed to keeping jobs here.

Are discounts available for larger purchases?
Yes. The kits at these prices are already discounted from the MSRP; however, since we are selling through this site directly, and since our manufacturers offer us volume discounts, we can offer further price reductions. Please contact us for those details.

Is there a maximum ceiling height for using your product?
The standard kits comfortably access ceilings of 10 feet or lower. However, we have accommodated ceilings as high as 20 feet with our products. Basically, we can accommodate the needs of most public and private spaces. Our marketing professionals can help you find the perfect match to your spaces.

Can Hang-Mates™ be used on walls?
Yes. The Hang-Mate™ Wall System contains all the parts necessary to safely  display items on walls. See the DEMO link for the details.

Have you tested your Hang-Mates™ for fire resistance?
Yes. The polycarbonate case withstands temperatures in excess of 280 degrees Fahrenheit or 142 degrees Celsius, as tested by ASTM D648.

We want to purchase these, but need to work out some details for the purchase.
Will you work with us?

Yes, we put our customers first, striving to create reliable products that save users from falls. We are committed to that goal and will do everything that we can to help you create safe environments for your staff and patrons.