Hang-Mate Products, LLC, has its roots in simple beginnings, much like those of many American companies. Recognition of a need led to a design, which led to the creation of a company.

Teachers were injuring themselves trying to make their classrooms inviting and engaging for children. One of the inventors, a teacher herself, brought the need to her husband, then a Special Agent for the FBI. Time would be needed to perfect the original concept, so the seed of an idea would remain a talking point for several years.

After an exhaustive search for manufacturing partners and months of design improvements, the American-made Hang-Mate™ Hanging System is being introduced.

At its outset, the owners decided that certain tenets would undergird their corporate philosophy. First, their products would be durable, affordable, and created by experienced craftsmen. Second, the corporate reputation would be built on service and integrity.

The owners of Hang-Mate™ Products, LLC, committed to their corporate principles, invite you to try their hanging system, enjoying the safety and ease of use that their product engenders.