I have always wanted to display student work in my classroom, but finding the time and space has been a problem. With the Hang-Mate™ I can quickly display student work, it looks great, and my students love it. I can change the work daily if I like, without messing with tape or other sticky materials.

Angie Larson

Bernard Campbell Middle School | 7th Grade Integrated Science | Lee's Summit, MO

Hang Mates have made decorating the children's area of the library so much easier. I no longer have to drag around a very tall ladder and spend hours going up and down it. Now I just use the Hang Mates with my long pole and stay on the ground. I can go from snowflakes to spring kites in a matter of a few minutes. I highly recommend them.

Peggy Yoakum

Cass County Public Library, Children's Library Specialist | Belton, Missouri

We love the Hang-Mate™ hanging system at our library! No longer must we climb ladders to hang the simplest items- we just use the Hang-Mates. And even though we still use paper clips and fishing line for some items (when we run out of Hang-Mates) we can take them down easily with the Hang Mate pole, so we only have to use the ladder once. We decorated the ceiling of our whole library this summer for Summer Reading and the Hang-Mate™ ceiling hooks made installation and tear down quick and easy! It was awesome! We swear by Hang-Mates!


Louisburg Library, Programming | Louisburg, Kansas

I have recently used Hang-Mates™ to replace paper clips and yarn and was impressed at how easy they were to use. Being able to adjust the line to the desired level is very convenient. The Hang-Mates™ look so much more professional; I plan on having one above each of my students to display their work. Hang-Mates™ are a great help to all teachers!

Charmaine Huff

Bucklin R-2 School District | 3rd Grade Teacher | Bucklin, MO

I just wanted to thank the two of you for your number line. It was such a relief to walk in this morning and see it hanging ready for use! Next week we will begin
working with multiples and the dots on the number line, so this was perfect timing. Hang-Mate™ has made my teaching environment so much more effective.

Joni Kennedy

5th grade teacher, Highland Park Elementary School | Lee's Summit, Missouri

What a WONDERFUL product!!! Sure beats climbing up on chairs all the time!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Shari Axelsen

John Bosshard Memorial Library, Bangor Branch Library Assistant | Bangor, Wisconsin

I am very thankful to have Hang-Mates™ in my classroom. I hadn't realized how many times I stood on a chair each day. I am pretty short, and I have my walls filled with all of the things we need in first grade. Each week I was adding words to the word wall that was up on the wall. Now, I just pull down the section of the ABC's that I need, stick on the words, and let it go back up. Love it! I'd hate to risk hurting myself for the Dolch Sight Word List....or for any objective, poster, or job chart!!! I also had a display in the hallway that would frequently need untangling or restapling to a cork strip. Now that it hangs from the Hang-Mates, I don't think I will ever have to reposition it again. Thanks again for your product. Since growing taller won't happen for me, I'll just keep using your product to help me out.

Karen Gallick

1st grade teacher, Highland Park Elementary | Lee's Summit, Missouri

I just wanted to let you know that we couldn't have created the set for our Greek Myth Play without the use of the Hang-Mates™ in our ASPIRE classroom. They were the perfect solution for hanging our set designs. The students were thrilled with the results of their designs and production set planning with using the Hang-Mates.
Thanks for the opportunity to pilot them here at HPE. Hang-Mates™ are terrific tools for the classrooms!

Barb Noble

Highland Park Elementary School | Lee's Summit, Missouri

I love using the Hang-Mates™ to hang items in my classroom! My students love being involved in decorating our classroom or hanging concept reinforcements. In the past, students created pictures and captions summarizing our class novel, which were then hung from the ceiling to be a visual reminder of the important events of the story. This is a snapshot of the Hang-Mate™ wall rail used to reinforce and celebrate academic excellence. My students love it!

Melanie Swanigan

Campbell Middle School | Missouri

Thank you for sending the Hang-Mate™ Dual Lock for the thin rails. It took less than 5 minutes to put up my mobile, and when I change it next year, I can do it without climbing on the furniture.
Thank you again for your help. I really love this product. The Hang-Mates™ look great, and the patrons think they are the coolest thing ever.

Charlotte Hurley

Grand County Library | Moab, Utah

Now I can hang things from suspended ceilings safely and quickly. I love the flexibility of this product and the personal care of the owners. Great product!


Youth Librarian | Pennsylvania

The Hang-Mates™ are a welcome addition to our elementary classrooms. Teachers love the ease of quickly changing their classroom displays, and I love that they can make those changes with both feet firmly on the floor.

Nathan Domsch

Principal, Immanuel Lutheran School | St. Louis, MO

I love my Hang-Mates! I broke my ankle a few years ago trying to hang up student work. This product makes it so easy to change the displays in my classroom. I will never use another product again.

Lachae Stewart

Prairie View Elementary School | 5th Grade Teacher | Lee's Summit, MO

The Hang-Mate™ has changed my classroom. My students are so excited to see their work hanging from the ceilings. They seem to put even more effort into the projects to try and get them to be displayed. I absolutely love this product!


7th Grade Language Arts Teacher | Lee’s Summit, MO

The Hang-Mate™ is perfect for displaying student work! I love not having to balance on tabletops to reach my ceiling!


7th Grade Science Teacher | Missouri

I love the Hang Mate product! It is easy to hang things and no problem to change hangings when needed! Thanks for a GREAT product.


Middle School Band Yeacher | Missouri

The Hang-Mate™ makes displaying school work a breeze. I never liked standing on a chair or stool
to reach the ceiling tiles. It's much better to be safe than to be sorry!


Middle School Teacher | Missouri

The versatility of Hang-Mates™ is unbelievable. Student work, decorations, informational signs, and
models are some of the items that can be displayed using Hang-Mates. The uses are only limited to
one's imagination.


Middle School Math Teacher | Missouri

With a click and a twist of a wrist, I can easily hang student work and classroom decorations safely.

Stacy Barbee

Middle School Math Teacher | Missouri

Your ceiling hangers are fantastic! We decorated our youth section in a matter of minutes! The old ceiling hooks we used to use were cheap, unsightly, and easily dislodged or broken. Love yours!


Youth Librarian | California

Hang-Mates are very fun and easy to use. I used to unfold a paper clip, attach a string, and climb up on a desk, to hang student work or decorations from my ceiling at school. Now I feel like I am safely able to manage ceiling displays, and it looks much more professional too!

Janice Brown

Reading Specialist | Missouri

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